What packaging do consumers prefer?

The first impression of the product is formed in 7 seconds. What do we have time to pay attention to in 7 seconds? On the logo, name and material of which the packaging is made. There are fierce disputes on the market - which packaging is better - cardboard, plastic, or maybe it's time to switch to banana leaves

Objectively - people like beautiful packaging, but also attention is paid to the material. In 2018, IPSOS conducted research to find out which packages customers prefer. Choosing between paper and plastic, 68% consumers said they would prefer the cardboard option. And half of the respondents said that paper and cardboard packaging makes the product “premium”. 

We figured out the statistics, now let's compare what we have.

Plastic - there are all shapes, sizes and colors. Entrepreneurs often give preference to transparent - so it is easier for the consumer to get acquainted with the products without opening the packaging. As design use labels and stickers. 

In plastic packaging they sell eggs, dairy products, 

Cardboard gives vent to imagination - it may be gray packaging for the transport of furniture or chemical goods; or a white box with homemade cookies decorated with a logo and decorative ribbons or scotch tape. For convenience, we learned to embed transparent windows in cardboard boxes so that the consumer does not worry about the condition and appearance of the product.

In cardboard packaging transport products, furniture, appliances, confectionery.

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