Eco-boom or how to save nature and not lose customers

In stores, people with linen bags and eco-bags are more common, more containers for separate garbage collection appear on the streets - we began to approach the issue of ecology more responsibly and more consciously. If you were not sure before, now is the time to switch to environmentally friendly products - they are safe not only for the environment, but also for your customers.

Cardboard is rightfully considered a friend of ecology and here are a few reasons why

  1. This is recyclable material. Having used it, you can hand it over to the waste paper collection point, after which it will go the way of cleaning, processing and again become a box or cardboard. 
  2. Does not affect the greenhouse effect, like plastic. Less CO2 - fewer consequences in the future.
  3. Safe at high temperatures, while plastic, when heated, releases dangerous carcinogens. Therefore, your favorite takeaway noodles are sold in small cardboard boxes, rather than plastic cases like salads, for example. 

If you use plastic packaging, but want to switch to cardboard, we will help you choose the type, dimensions and come up with a packaging design. 

What is more profitable?

If you have not decided which container is more profitable to buy for transportation - this post is for you. 

Plastic production is cheaper than cardboard, and therefore cheaper than the selling price. But is it really as profitable as it seems at the beginning? We studied the market and found that, on average, cardboard containers for cherry tomatoes, for example, are more expensive than plastic by only 30 kopecks. 

And the Finnish company Sense N Insight, which studies consumer behavior, conducted a study. In it, a cardboard container for packing cherry tomatoes is compared with a traditional plastic one. According to the results of the study, consumers see cardboard as a more “responsible” choice than plastic, and are ready not only to buy products in cardboard packaging, but also pay more for it. 

And do not worry about the shelf life of the goods - a study by the Finnish Natural Resources Institute confirmed that the shelf life in cardboard packaging is no different from plastic.

We will help you choose the type and parameters of containers or corrugated boxes, in case your choice fell on cardboard packaging.

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