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Your specialized supplier
in the corrugated cardboard market

We are in the top ten
of the largest companies
of cardboard industry in Ukraine

The recognized industry leader by introduction
of innovative technologies and equipment

Fast and high quality manufacturing order

development of structure and design package from scratch

order delivery to the warehouse by our transport

Full range of packaging
from corrugated pads
to large-size packages

with the possibility of applying high-quality
flexographic printing up to 4 colors

Corrugated unit Jingshan Mash

For the manufacture of corrugated cardboard

Lines “Miniline” and “Midline”

For the cutting of four-valve corrugated boxes with the possibility of cutting perforations / holes / handles and applying multi-color flexographic printing

Lines Eterna and Bobst

For cutting complex packaging by use rotary carving sections and applying multi-color flexographic printing

Folder-gluing line

For folding and gluing boxes and show-boxes from corrugated cardboard profiles "E" "B" and "C"

Manufacture production

From collection and processing of recycled materials, paper production, to the production and sale of finished corrugated products.

Completely automatic control system allows to control all stages of production: from grinding waste paper to delivering finished products to the warehouse.

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produce and sell corrugated
cardboard and corrugated
packaging throughout Ukraine

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